Crypto Bar 777

Instant win up to TGAME 350000


The atmosphere in a crypto bar, among a group of friends, contributes not only to cheerful communication. You may also relax spending time at the old-school slot machines and playing the pinball. The entire rack of the virtual barman is filled with unique crypto drinks which you have the chance to try playing this game! Find out what Bitcoin tastes like, and get rewarded! The first crypto bar where you do not pay for drinks but they pay you!


You have to scratch all 9 fields of the card. You win if 3 fields out of 9 match, the prize amount will be displayed on a scratchcard. After the purchase is made, the request is sent to blockchain, however the execution of scratchcard smart contract takes time (depends on the network load). If you decide not to wait a response from blockchain immediately and close the page, you can see the results of the game later in your account.
Prize Chances to win
TGAME 350000 1 out of 1000
TGAME 50000 1 out of 500
TGAME 5000 1 out of 100
TGAME 700 1 out of 10
TGAME 350 1 out of 5