Crazy ATM

Instant win up to TGAME 160000


Sometimes the ATMs do not behave quite normally. That is like our CRAZY ATM, which sometimes rewards the lucky ones with mad winnings! Catch a moment of luck - get an unexpected cash payment from CRAZY ATM!


You have to scratch all 9 fields of the card. You win if 3 fields out of 9 match, the prize amount will be displayed on a scratchcard. After the purchase is made, the request is sent to blockchain, however the execution of scratchcard smart contract takes time (depends on the network load). If you decide not to wait a response from blockchain immediately and close the page, you can see the results of the game later in your account.
Prize Chances to win
TGAME 160000 1 out of 1000
TGAME 20000 1 out of 500
TGAME 4000 1 out of 250
TGAME 400 1 out of 10
TGAME 200 1 out of 2