Gift Box

Instant win up to $1,000



GiftBox - Good at guessing? Guess in which coffer Crypto-treasures are being hidden!

Rules: choose and win.
One of 25 coffers has the treasure inside. You have to choose only one coffer. You win in case your chosen coffer has treasures in it! The prize amount will be displayed on the screen. After the purchase is made, the request is sent to blockchain, however the execution of Gift box smart contract takes time (depending on a network load). If you decide not to wait for the response from blockchain immediately and close the page, you can see the results of the game later in your account.
Prize Chances to win
$5.0 1 out of 50
$3.0 1 out of 20
$1.0 1 out of 10
$0.5 1 out of 5
$ 0

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